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Cindy Brewer

Cindy Brewer / owner, 500 hour E-RYT

Cindy is a native of Albemarle and the owner of Albemarle Pilates and Yoga. She graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree in Dance and a certificate in Dance Education. Cindy taught dance in studios and public schools in Albemarle, Charlotte and Atlanta and performed and choreographed professionally.

Several injuries led her gradually toward Pilates and Yoga as a way to both use the body and be very kind to it as well. But it was what these two practices did for her esteem and spirit that gave her the need to share it the most.

She received her Pilates Teacher Certification from Leslie Clayton of Body Awareness in Atlanta, GA, her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Lesa Crocker of The Bodhi Tree in Charlotte, NC and completed her 500 hour RYT with Rolf Gates, the author of “Meditations From the Mat”. She is the director of the Be Kind Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training School.

Cindy is very grateful to be able to work in and help out in her community through teaching yoga and Pilates and using those practices to host fundraisers for local charities.

Kellyn Poole

Kellyn Poole

Kellyn Poole/ Studio Manager

Kellyn is an Albemarle native and began working for APY in July 2012.  She has since completed 100 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Pilates Mat & Reformer Certifications with Cindy.  She began practicing yoga and pilates in high school and continued throughout college as a form of exercise and stress relief. Currently, Kellyn is doctoral student at UNCG studying Literature.  She has also earned a BA in Art History, minor degrees in Dance and Classical Studies, an MA in Liberal Studies with focuses in History and Literature, and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies from UNCC.

A lover of meditation and hip openers, Kellyn believes that yoga truly saved her life and desires to encourage all people to experience the self-confidence, spiritual balancing, and peace of mind yoga cultivates. Yoga isn’t about just stretching and arm balances; it’s about finding the place in yourself that believes you are capable of anything, whether that be child’s pose or some crazy one-handed inverted pretzel.

She has a quirky and calming teaching style, specializing in guided meditation and invigorating flows.  Kellyn also loves reading, chia tea, Harry Potter, and big-eared dogs.

Jessica Henderson

Jessica Henderson

Jessica Henderson / 200 hour RYT

Jessica is a traveling yogi who enjoys taking and teaching many styles of yoga all over Charlotte and surrounding areas. She began taking yoga quite a few years ago and have had the opportunity to practice multiple styles under several teachers. Understanding the strengths of diverse yoga styles has given her tools to better meet the needs her students. While she respects and honors the principles of each style she have practiced, she chose power vinyasa yoga for my teacher training.  She completed her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and 85 hour Prenatal RYT at Charlotte Family Yoga Center- a Baptiste inspired yoga studio.  She is a teacher who is dedicated to helping students meet their goals- whether their goal is a good workout, reducing stress, clearing the mind or increasing sports performance- she tailors each class to meet the goals of her students.

Throughout her school years she struggled with body awareness (yeah, she was always picked last for EVERY sport) until finding a love for physical activity in swimming then studying several martial arts during her early college years.  Enjoying these physical activities gave her the confidence to try weight lifting, rock climbing, mountain climbing, belly dancing and of course – yoga. Upon moving back to North Carolina after a few years in Oregon- this time Charlotte- she found a fantastic yoga community that helped her thrive.  With over ten years of yoga practice at this point, and experience teaching college level anatomy classes it was a natural step for her to move into teaching.  She likes teaching a style of yoga that is accessible to everyone.  With some modifications the newest yogi and the seasoned yogi can practice the same sequence and both feel the energizing yet calming effects of the practice. She likes a class that allows students to balance challenging themselves with showing themselves compassion. She also likes to infuse laughter into classes as laughing instantly gets people out of their ego and into their bodies, as they let their guard down and smile.

Jessica holds a PhD. in Neuroscience from Wake Forest University in North Carolina and has taught anatomy and physiology at Washington State University.  She has also enjoyed teaching dessert wine tasting and pairing classes, and is currently venturing into an artisan chocolate tasting business.

Alia King

Alia King

Alia King / 200 hour RYT

Alia found yoga while exploring alternate forms of exercise and quickly discovered the beauty, peace and calmness that yoga can bring. She is excited to help others find the same stress relief and inner calmness that she has found and is currently working on her 200 hour training with Sandy Raper in Concord, NC. Alia lives in Oakboro with her fabulous husband and daughters where she enjoys planting flowers and being part of the nature around her. She works with volunteers and a wonderful team at Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, and though she practices yoga throughout the area, she loves the warmth and family feel of APY.

Lisa Biddle

Lisa Biddle

Lisa Biddle / 200 hour RYT

Lisa wanted to learn to live her passion and learn to live with peace.  She wanted her heart to be open and moving forward.  She is enjoying beginning to teach yoga and make new friends.  She enjoys showing people what she loves about yoga and what it has done for her.

Along with her Be Kind Teacher Training at APY, Lisa also received certification in Yoga Warriors which will enable her to teach yoga for Veterans, those with PTSD and amputees.  She looks forward to giving back in any way she can.

Yoga has taught her to calm her mind first and foremost. Secondly, it taught her to find her own strengths. Lastly and most importantly to her now, it confirmed her willingness and deep desire to help others and show how much yoga can be of great benefit.

Teacher training  challenged her to take a deep look inside herself and view areas of strength and weakness. She learned of courage, faith, forgiveness, compassion and joy. She will always work towards patience, inner growth, and courage. She learned it is important to feel our feelings and emotions, good or bad. She has embraced love and the lessons she has faced.

She is forever thankful and grateful for her amazing teachers and the wonderful friends made with such inspiring stories shared throughout the six months. They are quite possibly some of the most valued moments of her life. She only hopes and dreams of being able to help others in such ways they are able to find themselves in a beautiful light.



Whitney Eudy

Whitney Eudy

Whitney Eudy

Whitney is an Albemarle native. She works locally as a chiropractor’s assistant at Montgomery County Chiropractic Clinic. She has two active and vibrant daughters that bring light into her life and practice yoga with her.

Whitney began practicing yoga to counter the physical stress of weight training and marathon running. She soon realized it wasn’t just “stretching” and her practice began to blossom. In March 2014, after finishing her first marathon, she completed  YogaFit teacher training in Raleigh, NC and began teaching yoga at the YMCA along with other fitness classes.

Her favorite pastimes include running, hiking, swimming, dancing with her daughters, handstands in peculiar locations, trail running, and hot yoga. Her yoga practice has helped guide her through life’s seasons and rooted her deeper into God’s love.  She loves to share her practice.



Susan Farrell

Susan Farrell / 200  hour RYT

Susan is a native Texan, growing up in Dallas and attending The University of Texas at Austin. She and her husband, Todd, are proud parents of three children, a new son-in-law and are “Gaga and Grumpsie” to their precious granddaughter. She and Todd have lived in Dallas, Atlanta and Charlotte and have been in the New London area for ten years. Susan stumbled into a Yoga class about six years ago and immediately fell in love with the practice. She completed her 200 hour Registered Teacher Training with Cindy Brewer at Be Kind Yoga School in May 2015.

Susan loves exploring different studios in different parts of the country, always bringing new ideas and knowledge home with her. In visiting different studios, one thing is perfectly clear: Albemarle Pilates & Yoga is a special place and Cindy may be one of the best instructors in the country.  Albemarle, NC is lucky to have her.

Susan enthusiastically shares her love of the practice with others, always with the message of inclusion. She truly believes Yoga is for everyone.